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Videos of Iaido and Kendo!

Here you can see video footage of Iaido and Kendo, demonstrated by Doshikai instructors and students.

Iaido kata, or forms, embody the following four components:
  1. Nukitsuke - the drawing cut
  2. Kirioroshi - One or more follow-on and finishing cuts
  3. Chiburi - The cleansing of the blade, either by flicking, cutting or dripping motions
  4. Noto - The re-sheathing of the sword
Video of Iaido Kata
  • Yamaoroshi - This is a form from Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu's Chuden (middle level) set. It begins from the tatehiza (half kneeling position) where an enemy attempts to grab the tsuka (handle) of your sword. The defender responds with a circular strike using the tsuka which avoids the grasp and then strikes towards the face of the enemy. The defender then follows with a cut to the neck and then drags the opponent to the ground using the sword supported by the left hand. Once the opponent is prone, a finishing cut is performed.
  • Yaegaki - This is a form from Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu's Shoden (first level) set. The enemy begins an attack while both opponents are in seiza (kneeling position), the defender responds with a horizontal cut which fails to incapacitate the enemy, but forces them backward. A follow-up cut is performed by stepping up and forward, cutting down towards the enemy. The opponent falls to the ground and attempts to cut the defender's leg with their last breath. The defender responds by blocking the cut with the sword followed by a finishing cut.
  • Ukenagashi - This is a form from the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei (All Japan Kendo Federation, or ZNKR) Seitei-gata set, or standard forms which are a collection of twelve forms taken from different schools of swordsmanship that are present in the federation. This form begins with a standing opponent attacking the defender from the side, while they are seated in seiza. The defender responds to the attack by turning and drawing the sword into an upward block that quickly transitions into a diagonal cut as the enemy's cut is deflected.
Video of Kendo
  • Kendo -- Jigeiko - This is a demonstration of Kendo and "jigeiko," a practice match. Jigeiko is a fundamental part of Kendo practice wherein the kendoka (students of Kendo) can practice technique against an opponent in live combat, without a focus on winning or losing.

Watch this page for more video footage, coming soon!

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