About Gordon Fisher Sensei

Martial Arts Experience

Gordon Fisher Sensei began studying the art of Okinawan Karate-do 1973. He came from a military family that taught him that the ways of the warrior were practiced to protect of the weak from wicked men, not for trophies that collect dust.

In 1984 he received his teaching license in Niten Shinto Ryu Karate-do and opened his own dojo. In 1989 he began studying Classical Bujutsu. That year Fisher Sensei also developed a cable TV show that illustrated the art and practical techniques of Karate-do for the general public. It ran for two seasons.

In 1997 Sensei began studying Iaido and Kendo at the Doshikai in Acton, MA. He received his shodan from the All United States Kendo Federation for Iaido in 2001, nidan in 2003, and the rank of sandan in 2005. He teaches Iaido and bujutsu in Acton, Leominster, and Westford.

Sensei has a genuine passion on these arts and the gift of being able to relate their secrets to his students.